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If you are looking for a PERMANENT hair removal solution, you've come to the right place. Before coming across Rae Jean's website, I went through numerous, very expensive laser hair removal treatments, only to be disappointed. That's when I made one of my better decisions! I went to Rae Jean for a consultation and the rest, as they say, is history. She carefully explained how the Electrolysis procedure works and why it's different from laser hair removal and other methods. Before I started, I had extremely dark, thick hair. After only a few treatments, I started to notice that my hair was finer and that there was a significant decrease in hair growth. The office environment is private and clean and making appointments are never a hassle. Rae Jean makes you feel comfortable and always answers all my questions. She takes a real interest in you and your hair removal success. I would definitely recommend electrolysis and Rae Jean to anyone looking for a solution!

-- Nisha

I have Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) and have been struggling with excessive hair growth for years. The usual at-home tricks didn't work, nor did the overpriced laser treatments I regret investing in. I finally found Rae Jean and was pleased to learn that she has over 20 years of experience. I worked up the courage to make my first appointment, and immediately upon meeting her, she made me feel comfortable and relaxed. She is professional, understanding, and experienced, and absolutely honest regarding what to expect and what not to expect. I am beyond thrilled with the results of her treatments, and I endorse her services wholeheartedly.

-- Virginia

At first, I was skeptical about electrolysis, but after Rae Jean's consultation and several treatments later, I am grateful to her because it works! I had a serious problem with ingrown hairs and rapid growth. Rae Jean has helped me minimize my hair growth by a lot and I don't have any more ingrown hairs. She was able to do this for me and I can barely feel a thing. She is flexible with appointments and very caring with the people who come to her. I definitely recommend Rae Jean!

-- Amy

Rae Jean is the only electrologist who has been able to remove my hair permanently. She uses a different procedure that worked very well for me. I am very happy with the results and recommend her highly.

-- Judy

I cannot say enough about Electrolysis or Rae Jean. I am super pale with dark hair so wherever I have hair it's very noticeable. I've tried all sorts of methods and the only thing I've been completely satisfied with is Electrolysis. I currently do laser on my legs because it's such a big area and even after 8 treatments my hair starts to grow back again in a few months. With Electrolysis, the hairs removed don't grow back. I can't tell you how happy I am that I got over my initial embarrassment and had Electrolysis done. I look better and feel better and am now having other areas worked on.

Rae Jean is wonderful. She is professional and always makes me feel comfortable. She is great at what she does and what she does really works. If excessive hair is holding you back in any way or affecting how you feel about yourself, I can personally tell you, there's something you can do about it. Just go to Rae Jean for a consultation. Honestly, you won't regret it and you'll be so happy with the results. It's been really great to not have to worry about constantly shaving, tweezing or waxing. The peace of mind alone is worth it!

-- Carmela

As women, some of us obsess about different body parts or the number on the scale. Some of us, especially those of us with dark hair...are plagued by unwanted facial hair. Rae Jean is the best antidote for this condition. She does a treatment called "the blend" which combines two types of electrolysis. This is the only thing that worked on me for permanent hair removal. I have tried other providers and even laser hair treatment (which isn't FDA approved for permanency). Only Rae Jean gets all the hairs, which is why I still drive 45 minutes to see her!

-- Kathy

I am writing this letter to express my gratitude for the service which you provided. I can't possibly thank you enough. When I first started coming to you over a year ago, I had tried about every method of hair removal there was: threading, laser, waxing, etc. You had come highly recommended and I decided you were my last hope so that I could feel good about myself. Every day, I tweezed and tried to hide my facial hairs, but I was never able to achieve the results that I wanted.

Today, I am so happy with the results of my treatments! I know that many women go through a variety of life changes due to hormones, stress, and body changes. Consequently, many of us end up with unwanted facial hair.

Rae Jean you are truly a miracle worker. As a result of your expertise, today I am confident to face any situation without having to tweeze or even look into the mirror. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I am so pleased that I made a commitment to work with you and I am extremely content with the results I got. If anyone should have any questions regarding your services and/or treatments, I would be pleased to speak with them as I am very happy with the results.

-- Louise

When I first started seeing Rae Jean I was very self conscious about the way I looked. I was not happy with my appearance and lacked confidence. Rae Jean changed all that for me. I set up a consultation with her and from the first time I began treatment my feelings about the way I looked changed immediately. As I continued to go for treatments the dramatic change was apparent and my confidence level improved. Feeling good about the way you look is important for your self esteem and Rae Jean has helped tremendously. She is caring in her work and discreet with the people that come to her for help. I would strongly recommend Rae Jean to anyone who wants to have electrolysis.

-- Sue

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